Vlad and Frank. Halloween opens our Youtube Chanel.


I’ve been doing cakes for so long…and yet every year is a new challenge. The market has changed so much and the way we reach our costumers changes so fast, that once you master Facebook, you are a little bit passé. Now its Instagram, and so on.

But for me, the most attractive and the most fun, has always been YouTube. Our personal individual chance to be a cake star. From all the outlets available to promote talent, none is more complete and fulfilling than video. You can take your time to explain and showcase your ideas in detail to your tribe of cake decorators and sugar enthusiast.

So I finally decided to take the chance. I watched endless hours of video on what the best practices and equipment are. So I jumped into it, first with my IPhone and then little by little adding the right lights, the right microphone, a better camera. Then came how to do voice over, editing, creating content, all in all, a whole new career: YouTube Creator.

So here it is, my first attempt at a video. And what better time to start than in Halloween?

I’ve had this cake idea in my mind ever since I saw a cake with a little unicorn with a big belly full of candy. This is my spooky but funny version of it, because this is how we all feel the morning after Halloween, happy and full of candy.

I’ve added my recipes and templates showacased on the video for everyone to download, I would love to see what you created using this idea, so please send them my way and I’ll post them on my Instagram feed @paolacakeatelier.

Enjoy this fun and easy Halloween cake. You can always use real toys for the figurines and just recreate the cake.